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RE: THE tip o' the day courtesy the Passat list

I saw that too, but I think you missed a line in the instructions...let me

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> From:	Chick Wells [SMTP:moi@MYSELF.COM]
> From: egl/Copenhagen@manbw.dk
>      You can clean the outside of the windshield with an
[Daily,DerekSJMCG]  open mouth, hold tongue
>  apple...
>      Cut the 
[Daily,DerekSJMCG]  open mouth, hold tongue
> appel in half, you now have to windshield cleanes, scrub
> the
>      windshield and wripers with the appel/juice.
>      The juice form the 
[Daily,DerekSJMCG]  open mouth, hold tongue
> apple dissolves all the dirt and you can wripe
> it
>      of with your wifes old dress or the like...
>      This must be the most environmental tip on the list...
>     [Daily,DerekSJMCG]  See your local audi dealer for the correct
> part...should be behind the desk with handset next to his ear....give him
> about 20 mins...then wait for him to run to the parts dept...then approach
> him...listen to explanation on needing to spec a car for delivery....or
> explanation that it would be difficult to move the other vehicle out of
> the way for a test drive...or they don't want to take the car out of the
> tent because it is supposed to rain... ad infinitum 
Derek Daily
90 CQ
86.5 VW qsw