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Re: Re: Installing door speakers in 4k

On Tue, 17 Nov 1998 Mike0264@aol.com wrote:

> <<I've installed 5.25" speakers before.  I doubt 6.5" will
> fit, but take the door apart and check.
> 6.5 's fit If you remove the bottom door trays

I've got my 6.5"'s installed _behind_ the door panel for a rather stealthy
install.  Remove some of the cardboard backing (carefully) with a sharp
xacto or something to get just the fabric of the door panel remaining in
front of the speaker.  I've got the speaker mounted low-ish by the window
regulator up front.  The cutout fits nicely over the speaker and puts
something acoustically "transparent" in front of the speaker.  Can't
notice speakers in the doors at all.


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