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Re: New lister - 89 200TQW questions

starbird@rrnet.com wrote:

> Also...found a dealer on the web that claims to specialize in quattros.
> KAR of MN, Inc. (www.karquattro.com)  They had a couple wagons listed,
> but I was dismayed they only have a p.o. box for an address!  Anyone have
> any experience with this outfit?

 KAR Quattro
8440 NW Palm St
Coon Rapids, Mn 55448

Coon Rapids is a NorthWest suburb of Minneapolis. I haven't heard anything bad
about KAR.

There is also the Quattro Club @ 612.474.8628 located in Chaska, MN. The have a
web site and probably a 1-800 number.

I looked in the White Pages here at work.

Todd Young              WAM!NET Inc.
tyoung@wamnet.com       6100 West 110th Street
612-886-5051            Bloomington, MN 55438-2664
800-585-1133 ext.5051   http://www.wamnet.com/