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Re: TT "Sighting" - Audi Avus confusion

I believe that instead of saying how good their cars are they were trying to
state how good their ideas are....But hey I may be wrong, It just makes me
happy to see an Audi ad.
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Subject: Re: TT "Sighting" - Audi Avus confusion

>I saw an add for the new Audi A6 the other night and they were
>flashing shots of all their previous cars driving around, and one
>of them was the Avus.  I thought it was a little deceptive of
>them to show a non-production car as a sign of their great
>automobiles, but whatever.  I can't remember very clearly, but
>it seemed to me that in the shot the Avus was driving along...I
>guess it could have been faked though.  Anyone else seen this
>ad?  (Actually, putting the Avus in reminds me of Nissan's ads with
>'Mr. K' driving a 300Z after the 300Z was discontinued!)
>  Ti Kan wrote:
>  Not likely.  There is apparently only one Avus show car around, and it
>  > has a mockup engine and therefore can't move on its own power.  It
>  > has been seen on display in various museums and concourses, but I
>  > doubt it'd be sitting on some dealer's lot.
>  And its currently in the South of France.