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Re: ENGINE SWAP: "MC" Turbo wiring questions

>PIN 8 BL/BK - This goes to the display computer - I assume I can leave this


>PIN 14 G/V  - Is the connection to the AC Control Head - I assume I can
>leave this unconnected?


>PIN 17 Y/BL - This goes to the display computer - I assume I can leave this


>PIN 31 Y    - This looks like it receives power when the fuel pump is on,
>why the knock sensor light attached to it?

To download fault codes to the check engine light.

>PIN 32 R/Y  - This goes to lamp control unit.  I assume this is telling the
>control unit if the engine is on or not - I assume I can leave this

Unsure on this one, I can't remember.

>How important is the 3-stage radiator fan relay stuff?  I understand the
>need to circulate coolant through the turbo when the hot engine is off, but
>the Vanagon has a dumb dual temp "fast and faster" speed rad fan.  Is
>connecting the Audi rad fan relay to the turbo coolant pump enough or must
>I interface it to the Vanagon's rad fan as well?

In the MC setup in my ur-q, I use the stock ur-q cooling system and fan
relays/switches. I am using the watercooled turbo, but have not hooked up
turbo afterrun cooling pump.

>Besides the idle stabilizer and other CIS related components, what are the
>other things that I *must have* in order to make this work to it's fullest
>potential in a Vanagon?  I intend to find a 5000 Turbo with a dead
>automatic transmission as a donar car, so I will more that likely have a
>complete car to play with.  

Harnesses, ECU, sensors and actuators should get you going. I didn't install

up the decel valve, and my setup works fine.

Dave Lawson