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Re: Re:MOT blues (longish)

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From: Matt Rooke <mrooke@fcpa.fujitsu.com>
>I guess us Californians should stop whining about smog controls.
>The UK inspection standards would take about 60% of the cars off the road
Its strange though, the way your spot-on pristine car gets failed while your
neighbour's death trap passes with flying colours......

BTDT. Two Rover SD1's, (both mine) MoT tested at the same testing station,
in the same week, by the same tester. First one was 4 years old and in top
condition, failed on headlight condition. Second one was 10 years old and a
real rot box, passed without problem. Took the first one back for a re-test
a few days later, same tester passed it and I had not done any work on it. I
could have reported the tester to the VIO but as he had passed the heap of
cr*p and I was able to sell it instead of scrapping it.....

Jim Haseltine