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Fixed my '84 Coupe Gt

I am a very happy man.  I have had my car for about 6 months now and it
never quite felt right.  Thanks to you guys I figured out it was the
electrical sensors on the fuel injeciton system.  I took it to Alpine Auto
here in Salt Lake City today.  They found a grount wire to the ECU that was
connected wrong as well as finding that my distributor cap was broken and
allowing the rotor to move in an undesirable fashion.  They fixed it all for
$49.  The frequency valve now buzzez and the WOT switch makes the car idle
faster.  Now the car has much more power.  The reviews I read about this car
praising it's engine make much more sense.  I was totally suprised when the
care burned out (on wet pavement) while power shifting from first to second.
The best 50 bucks I have spent in a long time.

In other news I saw a BMW M-Coupe yesterday on the freeway.  It looks
powerful for a hatchback, but truth is it is plain ugly.

Also I found a bunch of car reviews on www.cars.com  just click the review
tab and pick your car.  It has at least one for most cars.  These are not
great reviews as they are from newspapers, but interesting just the same.

Jeremiah Curry
'84 Coupe GT 2.1 L (far from mint)
"Life is a contact sport"