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Re: Fender rolling method?

ANDREW FINNEY decided to speak these words:

>My advise, stay away from fender rolling.
>The factory appears to have rolled the lips before welding, not
>afterwards. Also, it is my opinion that although the Fuchs look great,
>they don't do any more than the 6" Ronals to fill the wheel wells. HTH.

Its ok, i just closed a deal on buying the 16x7 A4 Sport wheels, 1k 
miles, absolutely perfect condition, with the sport 8000 tires for 700 
bucks, and we are splitting shipping....

So i think that was the way to go, same price as the fuchs, but 1 inch 
bigger,and new tires included....Sounds like a good deal to me, and i 
wont have to roll the fenders either, yay!!!


Michael Sheridan Williams
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