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RE: auot up/down power windows

... why would one only care about up/down power windows in August?  I guess
that's really spelled Aout ...  ;-)

... here's what I know about the auto up-down relays ...

I had heard that the V8 quattro had auto up as well as down ... my 1991 V8q
does not have this feature.  There are some different part numbers for the
relays in the '91 200Q.  I actually saw one at Carlsen, but given the amount
of money they wanted for it I figured it wasn't worth it just to test to see
if it had auto-up!

IME the way the auto down works is that it will attempt to open the window
fully whether the switch is switched momentarily or held down.  To get the
motor to stop you can press the up switch.  I'm pretty sure on the V8 you
can tap the down switch again when the window gets to the point you want and
it will stop.  

The auto-down relay for the driver's door also supplies the power for the
other windows and sunroof to allow them all to continue to work from after
the time that the ignition switch has been turned on until one of the front
doors has been opened.  

The V8 has a feature where holding the door lock in the lock position for a
certain amount of time causes all windows and the sunroof to close.  This is
not an auto-up feature ... the operation stops when the key is returned to
the neutral position.  I have yet to look this up in the wiring diagram for
the car to see how it works.  

... here are my thoughts on the auto up/down conversion ...

If you want to convert a window to auto up/down you are going to have to add
some extra wires from the control relay to the motor itself.  For this
reason it may be best to actually mount the relay in the door.  I think that
doing so will allow the auto down(/up) to operate from both the switch on
the driver's door and the door in question.  

The dual-width power window control module has 3 relays built into it.  One
of the 3 is used to control the power based on ignition switch and door
opening, while the other two DPDT relays connect to the window itself.  I
have yet to work out all of the logic, but it seems to me that given there
are two relays it should be possible to modify the module to work as an auto
up/down unit.  

I too have collected a few of the modules (did you know that the older 5kCS
(=> '86) has a controller that is a single-width unit?  These might be the
better choice for in the door mounting ...

Keep up the effort Huw ... this is something I've wanted to do myself ...
I've just never had the discretionary time to push it through ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)