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re:cruise control quit

At 06:20 PM 11/17/98 -0500, Daniel R. LeFebvre wrote:
>i am not an expert, but my current vehicle (86 5000cs) has a severe vacuum
>leak resulting from a hole in the breather hose.  my cruise control also does
>not function, and i just had the turning signal/wiper switch etc. unit
>replaced, so i assume (hopefully) the switches are good.  possibly you also
>have a vacuum leak somewhere and this is preventing the throttle control
>system from working properly (if it indeed works via vacuum).  this is a
>possibility.  i plan to replace the dead breather hose, and i hope that this
>also remedies the cruise control problem as well.

the cruise conrol is on an independent vacuum system with its own vacuum
pump and reservoir.
the first place to look is at the Y fitting near the pedal cluster.
the inlet hose usually splits here because of the severe bend.
replace them all while you are in there.