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Audi / VW engine coolant the same?

Its time for a coolant flush / refill on my '92 100S before the really cold
winter weather arrives. The coolant is a nasty brown color, and is very
cloudy in appearance. I'm also having the water pump (along with the
thermostat, t-belt tensioner and ribbed belt while they're in there)
replaced due to a previously diagnosed "chirp" that can be heard coming from
it when first starting the car when cold. The water pump only has about 30k
on it, but I guess it failed prematurely, possibly due to incorrect coolant
(not sure what the shop used when they replaced my head gaskets and t-belt
about 15k ago). I have a VW dealer much closer to where I live than the Audi
dealer, and was just wondering if the VW coolant is the same as the Audi
coolant (same corrosion additives?)? Would save me a trip to the Audi
dealer, and maybe a little $$$ too. Any idea how much a gallon of this stuff

'92 100S (76k)