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Re: Lighting Wattage 1990 V8Q.


At 03:39 PM 11/17/98 -0700, Zsolt Kovacs wrote:
>Thanx, I will consider it, but chances are I will just add driving lights
>instead. Any adeas how much it would cost me to get the change from the
DOT to
>euro, or/and what kind and how much would be good driving lights be?

According to Phillippe at Metrix in Toronto, Bosch Eurolight for the V8 are
about C$538 each and the OEM DOT lights are C$800+ each. You can reach
Phillippe at:


Clifford Ilkay
Dinamis Corporation
3266 Yonge Street, Suite 1419
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M4N 3P6

Voice/Fax: 416-410-3326