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needed (or compatability check)

	after my new fusebox was installed, (83 ur-q)
	some wires snagged on the steering column just
	as i was cranking to parallel park - crack rip!
	to the wiring's credit, everything still works.
	the plastic switch that is the fan speed control 
	did not fare so well.

	i am looking for a new switch - i think all i 
	need is the part that hooks into the wires.  mike
	williams has a 4kq parts car but i dunno if the
	parts are compatible - does anyone here? phil, 
	you are the fuche guru...

	also, the wires are really well stuck in there.
	heck, the plastic broke before the wires gave.
	how can i replace this part, do i need to cut
	the wires?


	another item: i think i need a new front windshield
	washer pump.  we did the following test, kinda 
	odd results:

	everything hooked up: pull lever, no washer, no 

	pump power leads disconnected, pull lever: 12v
	to the leads on multimeter, wipers run x times.

	so it seems that the pump is not only toasted, 
	it also somehow shorts out the whatever it is
	that runs the wipers for a wash cycle.

	anyway, maybe someone has a pump to sell, otherwise
	i'll call pc/linda and get some prices.

 rocky mullin
 '83 ur-q - yamaha rz350 - suzuki ts250 -  chaotic good
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