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Gearboxes: type 016 UW and 3U...


Silly questions ahead on gearboxes for auto to manual

I have found a 016 UW gearbox, these were used on the
older 100 models from 1979 to late 1980. In my Haynes
manual there is another 016 box listed, the 3U. The book is
for the 100 and 200 models from 1982 to 1990. The ratios
on the 3U seem slightly better than that for the UW. The
guy who has the UW box says that box is the best ratios
for the car (interpreted as: I only have this one, you're
going to buy it!). Ratios are:

	016 UW (1979 - 1980)		016 3U
1st:	3.60:1				3.60:1
2nd:	1.94:1				1.88:1
3rd:	1.23:1				1.19:1
4th:	0.903:1				0.84:1
5th:	0.684:1				0.64:1
F/D:	3.89:1				3.89:1
R:	3.50:1				3.50:1

Questions (I haven't asked these before :) )

1. What car had the 016 UW 'box?
2. What car had the 016 3U 'box?
3. Interchangeable? I.e, bolts right on to MC motor? (I
   was told by the guy with the 'box that it was usually
   used with the WC motor [??]
4. The 016 AAZ is about the most popular manual box around
   that was used on the 500SE and 500E (the 100), but the
   ratios are "too close". The AAZ would probably make a
   easy pulling 'box, but anyone with gearbox experience
   able to say how a 125kW / 240Nm MC would go with the
   UW or 3U fitted? Anyone using a 016 3U?
5. Anyone reckon these ratios look like they're more
   comfortable in the V8? :)
6. I am assuming that the 016 boxes all had the same size
   and shape housings, right?

Apparently, Audi manual gearboxes are used quite alot on
V8-powered kit cars. I have it from a builder that the UW
was used on some of the kits he built.

Sorry for asking the silly questions. My auto tranny is
whining and not very smooth sometimes and converting (through
a friend) might just as well cost the same as repairing the
auto 'box. Go figure.



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