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200t not starting solved ... silly


I asked last week about a 1989 200t that wouldn't start.
The problem has been solved. I spoke to the guy last night
and he had already returned the car to its owner and
apparently it runs like a mad thing now.

The problem? Not the ECU or electrics. No vacuum leaks.
A few weeks ago my friend was checking up on the chassis and
found it was torn. They had to weld it. He has some
assistants helping him and when the welding was done he
told them to hook up the fuel lines again. This week he
checked the fuel pressures only to discover that the
pressure was more like a vacuum. Someone had connected the
fuel and the return line the wrong way. He swapped them
around and the thing fired up. Most interesting, I have
no idea what it would be like if these lines were swapped
around, I'm just going on what his "techs" did. Silly, huh?



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