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Re: Heavy oil usage in A6

Mark, I have a 1993 100csqw with a V6 engine probably like yours.  While the
car was in warranty, I noticed I used a 1/4 of a quart in a 200 mile trip.
I took the car to the dealer and the tech had a a bicycle pump contraption
with an air tank for testing for oil; leaks.  He sticks in in the dip stick
and starts looking around. I recall that he found a plate that bolted on top
of the engine that was leaking and the oil was vaporizing before it could
drip down to where it could be seen.  With all the shrouding on these
engines now it is hard to notice this kind of stuff.  My opinion was then
and is now that 1quart in 1000 miles is too much in a 3 yr old car.

Ron Frazier
1993 100csqw
1990 200tqw
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From: Mark Watkins <markb@javanet.com>
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Date: Tuesday, November 17, 1998 9:45 PM
Subject: Heavy oil usage in A6

>I recently purchased a '95 A6 wagon with 32M miles - creampuff with the
>exception that it uses approx. 1+ quart every 1M miles.  It doesn't leak or
>burn, just consumes.  The dealer maintains that this rate of consumption is
>within their factory parameters... are they blowin smoke at me or is this a
>genetic norm with the Audi?  Thanks
>Mark Watkins