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RE: Importing my Audi.

Geir said;

> Hi,
> I have just moved to "The great state of Minnesota" (As Jesse Ventura 
> puts it!!!) from Sweden. At home I left one of my dearest posessions, My 
> S4 avant 1993. I called a coupple of freight companies but they only 
> tried to rip me of with "offers" like 3500 dollars to ship it over here, 
> so I hesitated. But now I have heard figures more appealing, 800-1000 
> dollars for a Roll on roll off - kind of deal.
> Now I wonder if anyone on the list has any experience in importing cars 
> into the US, and wich additional costs I'm facing? I'm thinking of the 
> conversion - Km/h into Miles/h etc, etc.  Who carries out these kind of 
> conversions? I asked Carousell Audi , a dealer here in Minneapolis, but 
> they had never done one..
> Regards Geir,
> PS: Want to have a look at the car? Point your browser 
> to:http://www.nordicaudi.com/club/Medlem/geir_s4.htm
Hi Geir,
You can import the car for one year under a non-resident exemption.  After
that I don't know what to tell you.  I don't know enough about the euro-S4
vs. USA/Canadain S4.  If you are gonna stay here permenent, sell the S4 and
buy an S6 Avant.  Nice car (damn nice!!), by the way.

Gary Lewis 
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