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Re: 5ktqw Low End Power

A little input here. The K24 is a smaller turbo than the K26 series. And it
even hard to compare at this level because the ur-q K26 is different from
MC K26 which is different from the porsche 944 K26.... So I assume you are
discussing replacing the MC K26 turbos with K24s.

The K24 is smaller and spins up faster because it has a smaller inertia
than the K26 series. And because it is smaller, it ultimately will flow
air than the K26 series at elevated boost pressures. The trade off between 
these is that the K24 spools up very quickly and helps at lower rpms, but as
have mentioned, there are K26s which can be modified to spin up quicker.

>> Absolutely agree on this point.  Great upgrade to a pre Mac-14 Q.  Should
>> run nicely on 1.8 Bar.
>   A k24 with 1.8 bar would be VERY Nice.  

The K24 was used at 1.8 bar in the 20V engines, that is what it is designed

>Add a larger Intercooler and RS2
>Exhaust Manifold, with a Free Flow Exhaust and you could run 2.0 or 2.2
>some minor FI mods. 

I believe you are discussing turbo trades in the10V series of engines and
the RS2 
exhaust manifold is a 20V only fitment. Will not work on the 10V engines.
>Alathough, AT Audifest 97'  CArl Jerrits had no Problems with his 350 hp

Carl's old car had an RS2 turbo installed.

As for fitting a K24 to an MC engine, I drove a friends ur-q with a complete
MC engine 
transplant. The engine has a ported and polished head, head was milled to
bump up the
CR, ceramic coated 2 pc exhaust manifold, extrude honed IM, hi flow cats,
big exhaust,
and a K24 etc etc etc. Also has 4.11 gears installed. Using a stock ECU ie
1.4 bar, I 
was not that impressed with the car. The car was quick but not what I was
My first impression was that the trubo is the plug in the system. This
engine can flow
so much air, but the turbo just can't do it. I have prepared a special 1.8
bar ECU for 
this car but we haven't had the chance to test it out.  

One underlying theme is the people who are impressed with the K24 swap, are
it on the original ur-q WX engine. A number of people have done that and
think it is
the cats meow, Glen P, Glen L, RDH, John K, and probably more. So it seems
the fast spooling K24 helps the 7.0 CR engine get going and elminates the
3500 rpm 
surge of power that the original ur-q was known for.

Dave Lawson
90 200 TQAvant, 1.8 bar on K24 at 5000'
83 urq, 1.95 bar on tweeked K26 at 5000'