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Re: Timing Belt on the V6 motors

"Jack Ck." wrote:

> Hi there, does anyone has a recommended change  interval for the timing
> belt on the V-6 motors?  What about the tensioner?  My dealer doesn't
> seem to know what's the change interval as there's nothing mentioned in
> their service bulletins.  As far as they are concern, no change is
> needed until the shit breaks!

Timing belt, tensioners and water pump, all no later than 60k miles. I know
of too many cases where one of these has let go shortly there after and
taken everything else with it to make me comfortable waiting any longer.

And yes, the 12v V6 is an interference motor and will be $$$$ to put back
together if the belt goes.

I don't know why Audi hasn't bother to issue a recommendation on this yet.
Seems idiotic in light of the evidence...

1993 90CS 70k miles