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Ur-Q Problems this Morning - Bucking Bronco

I was in a hurry so had to get in the '85 and go, but I did notice that
relay was clicking under the dash.  It was not as cold this morning as
has been the last two weeks, about 35F, so I don't believe that was a

Is this the dreaded fuel pump relay, or does it ring any other bells.

All input would be most welcome.

Oh yes. This sounds like the ECU is cutting out the fuel pump relay.
Most probably the ground wire is making a poor connection on the intake
manifold. Is it cold where you live? Extra resistance. Check the ground
wire bolted to the top of the intake manifold, this grounds the ECU
(brain) and the WOT and idle switches. If it looses connection the brain
shuts off and with it goes the fuel pump relay. Believe me, it's my
nemesis. HTH

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.