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Re: 5ktqw Low End Power - UrQ

At 04:25 PM 11/18/98 -0500, ANDREW FINNEY wrote:
>I have to admit that I like the 3500 rpm surge of power. This is such a
>quirky car with it's bulging fenders that an engine to match is kinda
>fun. You can drive the early WR/WX cars as NA cars if you use light
>throttle but when you nail it, count to 10, watch out.

It's the count to 10 part that will kill you -- especially since I usually
drive the chipped '87 5ktqw or '85 4kq (not to mention my wife's V8).

I got really tired of trying to pull out into trafic after work and have to
push the pedal to the floor 10 seconds (exaggerating here) before the car
would move.  That semi I just tried to get in front of is already in my
trunk before the boost cuts in!

Yes, much exaggeration on my part, but the difference in pick up between
the different cars I get to drive is tremendous.  Not now after the

BTW, our urq has lived most of its existance sans kitty (test pipe in
place).  The cat. was re-installed to pass emissions.  The pick up is so
fast now, however, I'm not sure I really need to hassle with swapping the
cat. back out anymore.

 That K26 keeps
>pulling hard. Try nailing it at 80 mph, the result is invigorating.  I
>like having my original engine with 210,000 mi. With a sleeved cat the
>thing pulls 5psi at 2000rpm.
>Andrew finney
>1983 UrQ.
Best Regards,

John Karasaki
Portland, OR