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Re: temp warning light - please help

    i checked the coolant level and its fine. unplugged the sensor switch
under the resevior, and the light still goes on after a cold start in about
30 seconds.  i assume that this sensor is the only one that would care about
the mixture of coolant/water?  still trying to figure it out, any
suggestions appreciated.
    also, anybody have any ideas about the fan and a/c problem?  i'm
beginning to think if you fix one thing the rest of the parts get
ealous.  --bryan '88 90q

>Gee, mine too. Just noticed it after having the temp guage replaced 2
>months ago, and after it sat at the airport for a week. Again, coolant
>level is fine, no leaks at the head gasket, oil is clear, and engine
>temperature normal. I'm close to getting out the electrical tape and
>masking over the light, but will soon have time to diagnose this. My Audi
>mechanic says sometimes if the coolant is too concentrated, ie not the
>50/50 mix, the temp warning light will come on.