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RE: 1990 Coupe Quattro

A couple of people have asked about the 87 5K CST I've decided to sell, so here are the details:


Here are the specs:

143k miles
Automatic(3 spd)
engine is very strong (Mobil 1 since 70K)
Exterior in great shape; waxed monthly since new.
Taupe color (sort of like tan with a bit of a salmon undertone)
tan leather interior (interior in good shape except for a couple of front seat seam tears)
15" 5 spoke wheels with D60A2s, possibly including snows

Here's what it needs:

needs transmission/differential re-seal, trans fluid leaking into diff.
driver's side seat heater in/op
driver's side power lock
maybe an ac controller (possibly just a vacuum motor)--center vents are in/op

It's had most of the usual big things done:

steering rack
hyd pump
wheel bearings
blower motor
exhaust manifold

I'm located in Southern Vermont (2hours from Boston)

--Steve Brehm

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What shape is your car? Any rust? Did you maintain it well? Is it an
automatic, or stick? Any suggestions on how much it would cost to ship 
it to Dallas, Tx?