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re: Scott's Baby is Gone

Let her go, Scott.  Take the $7400 and find yourself another.  Yours will never be the same.  That is, unless you are very confident that the engine and driveline have not been damaged, and you know a very good body shop.  Any flaws in fixing frame alignment are going to be exacerbated on a quattro.

Digression (but true story):  My ex-father-in-law wanted a 4WD car.  I begged him to get an Audi.  He refused (citing a bad reliability experience in the 1970s!  shows how long a bad reputation can take to overcome) and bought himself an AWD Volvo V70.  Which was sitting parked in a parking lot, carefully tucked away in a far corner, four days old, when an 80-year-old lady driving a Ford Crown Vic "sudden- accelerated" (now there's irony for you) into his new car, causing $18,000 in damages.  The insurance company refused to consider it totalled.  He had it fixed; it won't track straight and it rattles like all hell.  Moral of the story:  it is bad karma not to buy an Audi.

Martin Karo
'90 90Q 20V
'95 S6