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Splash panel for V6 vehicles

Vehicle: 1993 90S fwd 12vV6

With the impending onslaught of the wet, white crap up here in the
Northland, I'm very interested in either finding a used spash panel or
making my own. New from the dealer is totally out of the question, I
refuse to pay over $200 for a piece of plastic.

I spent a couple hours yesterday under the front of my car making a
pattern for a home-made panel, but I'm sure it won't be quite as tidy as
an OEM panel.

So here's the question. I remember reading that there are a couple of
REALLY good "recycle" yards in the New York City area, I was wondering
if someone could give them a call, or pass on the phone number, and see
if they have any panels available. If anyone else in the continental US
has a favorite recycle yard, I would appreciate it if you would give
them a call and see if they have anything available.

If it comes down to making my own, I'm debating between using sheet
aluminum or maybe some foam core PVC. My only worries about the PVC is
that the heat from the engine might soften it and cause it to sag,
whereas I know I wouldn't have that problem with aluminum, and the
aluminum would be fairly easy to form as the panel will need a slight

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