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UI ??

<<Didn=92t one of those investigative TV news shows do a
piece on something like that????

Called it unintended something-or-the-other ????>>

	Nope.  Due to the way the Audi story was presented the viewing public came to
believe that an Audi would crank itself, put the gearshift into "Drive", then
slam the accelerator to the floor. Thus smashing everything in its path.
	I had several people tell me about this when I told them I'd bought a 5000
TQ.  Which let me know how stupid some people and news program can be....

	BTW there have already been several notes to the board about the cruise
control rod.  It can be a problem on both the 5K and 4K series, turbo and n/a
-- even though the setups are different between turbo and n/a.