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Oil Pan Baffle (was: Insurance Settlement)


But Eric R. can (aka Ficheboy).  I waited over four days for a baffle to
show up last week.  Never did.  Parts distributor told them there was not a
single part in the states and would require shipping from the Old Country.
Finally this week the guys at the shop said forget it and manufactured one
themselves...out of sheet metal.  The original baffle was completely
molten...looked like a glob of bubble gum.

I have some concerns about the dimensions and shape.  The newly fabbed one
is simply a flat sheet that bolts to the pan at the four locations.  Seems
to me the original baffle shape had somewhat of an arc to _hold_ a pool of
oil there.

Jeff Donnelly and others have fabbed a baffle to keep oil at the pickup
during tracking, can someone tell me what this looked like?  Pictures

P.S.  Yes.  The overheat is taking more prisoners.  Rod end cap bearing
races were scored...rods and crank "appear" OK.  Was supposed to be up and
running yesterday to check on oil pressure & lifter clank.

P.P.S.  Matt, are you needing one of these? Or looking to prove my guys

Derek Daily
90 CQ

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> Hey Derek, could you post the source and p/n for the oil pan baffle?
> Thx,
> Matt Rooke