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Geir's S4

  Welcome to Minnesota. The folks at Carousel aren't bad but they are kind
of like General Mills just across I 94 from them-strictly white bread. I'm
not surprised that they didn't want to do the conversion. You might try
the other dealer- Maplewood Imports in Maplewood or try Anderson Brothers.
The Quattro Club  has one mechanic, Jepsen, who was trained in Europe and
may be able to deal with your precise issues. 
  I also vaguely remember that a few years back Americans could do a one
time only importation of a non-American specs foreign car. I wonder if the
same holds for non-citizens. Perhaps you ought to call Customs or a
customs broker and find out the current rules.
  Audis outsell Lexus and Infiniti in Minnesota and the Quattro Club was
started here so your Audi ought to feel quite at home. Come to think of
it, with all the Swedish names in the phonebook so should you. 
Larry Katzenstein