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4kq wheel well clearance

I have an '86 4kq which I put H&R lowering springs on recently.  I had 
stock wheels on at the time, with oversized tires, 205/60/R14, and had no 
problems with wheel well clearance.  Recently I put on 15 by 7 wheels with 
205/50/R15 tires.  I now have a problem with the rear wheels rubbing when I 
have weight on the back end i.e. people in the back seat.  I'm not sure why 
the 205/60/R14 tires didn't rub, but the 205/50/R15 tires do rub.  I'm not 
sure how to fix the problem.  I've thought about replacing the rear springs 
with higher ones, or temporarily, putting the old rear springs back on.  I 
was told when I bought the wheels that I wouldn't have a problem with 
rubbing, but I think because of the lowering springs, it lowered it enough 
to rub.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Tom B.