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Re: AUDI 5000S Quattro engine light stays on loses power.

Howabout the knock-sensor? It's on the driver-side of the engine and easily
accessible. I know it can be tested but I'm not sure how. You should pull
the computer codes too, once again I'm not exactly sure how this is done on
your car.
good luck.

>Hi Folks I am wondering if anybody can shed some light for me.
>I bought a 1988 Audi 5000s Quattro about a year ago for $300.00 could not
>pass up. It needed some work but its an awesome car well worth it.
>Anyways I have had this problem from begining.
>The engine light comes on and the car loses power still runs but lack of
>I have changed Coil/spark plugs/Fuel pump/Pressure Regulator on fuel
>distributor/Oxygen Sensor/Temp sensors.
>I have lost hope.
>And I Refuse to bring it to an AUDI service center..will not pay crazy
>I do 90% of my own work.
>This is my 5th AUDI so I know most problems.
>Please help..