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Re: Spitting exhaust

Hmm, sounds just like my sailboat's exhaust, Adam. Your exhaust system
wouldn't be full of water by any chance, would it? If the engine is idling
smoothly, the exhaust flow should also be smooth.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  262k km
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Date: Thursday, November 19, 1998 5:14 PM
Subject: Spitting exhaust

>Hi List,
>Anyone care to comment on this one?  My 87 5kcst is idling rough and
>emissions with a high hydrocarbon reading (around 450 where the limit is
>Right now, it has a big red "Reject" sticker on it. The other main symptom
>mentioned in the subject line:  the exhaust from the tailpipe at idle (idle
>speed around 750 rpm) is coming out in forceful bursts, with a noticeable
>amount of moisture.  It also seems like too much exhaust volume for that
>speed.  I am particularly curious about this.  For comparison, the exhaust
>from my 89 200q, also an MC engine, is soft at idle, like a hair dryer set
>very low speed.
>Just installed in the 87 5kcst to try to correct the problem(s), without
>success: new plugs (Bosch super trielectrodes W7 DTC), new bosch ign wires,
>new cap & rotor, new bosch O2 sensor.  Also, ISV is clean, air filter is
>clean, fuel filter recently changed, two 20 oz bottles of Techron
>with the last two tankfuls.
>I figure the moisture means the catalytic converter is doing its job, but
>working at overtime.  Could it be the cat is, in fact, dead?
>Plug #4 is fouling, evidenced by even, black soot deposits.  New ignition
>didn't help.
>That's all I can think of.  Thanks for any ideas!!