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RE: auto up/down power windows

> I want both to work as well.  I could run the reg. motor lines up to a
> switch which could be easily mounted aft of the window switches.
> Switch would be +/- and -/+ for either one touch down and one touch up.
> Granted the one touch down/up would always be activated by the down
> position of the window switch.
> Think this would work?
... I missed that from your original message ... yes, if you inserted a DPDT
switch in the line from the window switch on the door to the motor itself
you would be able to switch from one touch down to one touch up.  Make sure
that the switch you use can handle the current of the motor.  

I guess I would have to wonder why you would want to do this though ... if
the switch was in the wrong position you'd have to look down to find the
polarity switch, change it and then go back to the window switch and press
the down side ... seems to me by then you probably could have held the up
side down long enough to close the window ... and you wouldn't have had to
look down more than once to find the correct window switch ...

If the real need was for the one touch up function that could be easily done
by rewiring the connections at the switch and reversing the polarity at the
motor.  Funny thing is that if I did this on my V8, I'd get an obligatory
_opening_ of the driver's door window when I held the door keey in the lock
position for too long ... :)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)