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RE: Type 85 Cruise Control

> I saw a different one today.  It looks electrical rather than vacuum,
> and it's installed in the gutter between the firewall and the base
> of the windscreen.  The actuator cable passes _through_ the firewall.
> Has anyone seen one of these?  The answer could be significantly
> helpful to Bedfordshire Police.
... jeeze ... I hate when I notice something when I'm looking for something
else ... then when something related to the first item comes up I can't
remember exactly where I saw it ... :-)

OK ... I do remember seeing something about a cruise control system that did
not use the vacuum actuator that we are all so familiar with.  As best I can
remember I found it while I was looking into the differences between the KH,
WX and MC engines ... so it was probably in the Bentley manual for the
pre-84 5000 models.  I would assume that these would be called 100's there
where you are.  It had a cable driven actuation mechanism on the throttle
body which was driven by some sort of electrical motor.  If you'd like I can
look back and try to find it ... just let me know ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)