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Re: Replacement Wheels for my '93 90CS

TireRack told me for my 93 90CS Q that I could use 205/55-16, 215/50-16 (rare
tire size) or a 215-45-17. I think the latter two will raise rpms a bit
though as both are actually a little smaller than the stock 195-65-15 for
that year.

Chris Newbold wrote:

> Jason A Whyte wrote:
> >
> > Being here in Houston, there are no shortage of custom replacement
> > wheels for my '90CS.  Does anyone out there have any suggestions for
> > type, size and make of wheel for my car.  I'm sure there are good and
> Check with the Tire Rack and Discount Tire Direct. There aren't too many
> wheels that will fit these cars, due mainly to the 4x108mm bolt pattern.
> They'll be able to give you a list of the stuff that'll fit.
> You're also going to find that you're pretty limited as far as tire
> sizes go. The largest combo either place has "approved" is a 7.5"
> wide wheel with a 205 tire. Though there are a couple 17" wheels that
> fit the car, you'll have a tough time finding a 205/?? 17" tires.
> So, you're pretty much stuck with a 205/55 16" on 7.5" wheels as the
> largest combo. I've got TSW Imolas with Dunlop D40M2s in that size,
> and they just barely clear the various suspension bits front and rear..
> If you're willing to go into the land of custom wheel fitments, you could
> fit something larger by playing with the offset. However, you'll have
> to find some one willing to allow you to experiment to see what fits...
> I've been contemplating this for a set of dedicated track tires & wheels.
> I'd like to do something like 225/40 17 on a 8" rim... Some rough math
> shows that the offset would have to drop from a stock +37mm to something
> like +24mm in order to get that combo to fit. I'm leery of what such a
> change would do to the handling and wheel bearing life, however...
> -Chris
> 1993 90CS 70k miles