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1989 200t: horns don't last...


A few months after buying my car in july '97 I noticed
that the horns had stopped working. I removed them and
replaced them with non trumpet-shaped horns, I used a
set of disc shaped units. About 4 months back I noticed
that one of the horns had stopped working, I only got a
lower tone ... which seemed silly for the car this big. :)
Now, they're completely dead. I don't use the horn much.
Last night I decided to give it a go, but nothing happened.
Two sets of horns in a year? What's going on? Is this
common? Should I move them to another spot and if so,
then where? Currently they're accessible from under
the car below the radiator. The guy at the parts store
said it was water that kills them. Should I just go back
and get 105dB Hella trumpet-like horns (like the originals)?
Which way should the trumpets normally face? They're only
$20 and about a 15 minute fix time, but $20 is alot when
it's needed to fix some bushings!



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