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Re: V6 Timing Belt

Lynn M. McElroy wrote:

> Called Lakes Region VW/Audi for an appointment to have all belts,
>  tensioners,  water pump, and associated seals replaced. I asked for an
>  estimate and was told it will cost $800. with labor. Does that sound
>  about right?
>          Thanks for any comments.
>                                                                  J.
> McElroy
>                                                                  93 90s

Car: '93 90S fwd

My grand total came to $760 and some change, included:
water pump w/gasket
timing belt
timing belt tensioners (2)
thermostat w/gasket
serpentine belt tensioner [serp belt was fine]
labor, taxes, shop fees, coolant

I can't see how adding a serpentine belt would create a $40 difference.

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