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Re: Name Those Wheels

Richard Beels wrote:

> Find a friend with a sand blaster.  Give hio beer until he agrees to do the
> wheels.  Call Eastwood and buy the $200 powder coating kit.  Drop $25 on a
> used oven and away you go......
> At 10:12 PM 11/19/1998 ,  River6822@aol.com was inspired to say:
> >  Now that everyone has responded, and thank you by the way, I know that I
> have
> >  Ronal r8's.
> >
> >  The more important question---- How do I refinish them or do I just buy
> a new
> >  set in the spring ?

NO WAY, do not sandblast aluminum wheels. Your best bet is media blasting,
less harmful to the aluminum. There are all sorts of alternatives, like
plastic beads, or walnut shells.

The powder coating idea is pretty darn good though.

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