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trans fluid

to replace my trans fluid i drove the car onto ramps and chocked the back
wheels. i had made a tool with a 17mm nut brazed onto the end of a stubby
bolt and used the correct socket on the bolt head as a remover. always
remove the filler first...although if it won't come out...i experimented.
you can always drill a hole in the drain plug if it does come out and tap it
and add a zerk fitting. then you can refill through the botton by filling
your grease gun with the required amount of tranny juice. also the one
filler feeds the centre diff as well so keep track of the fluids that you
add. the centre diff and the trans have separate drain plugs. some listers
mentioned that it was easier to put in the correct volume of fluids if the
car is tilted to the side away from the filler. filling with fluid was a
real messy nuisance...until i devised a funnel contraption from a tranny oil
container and a long piece of vinyl hose. i attached the makeshift funnel at
the top of the engine compartment and fed the hose down below and into the
tranny filler...then gravity did the rest as i filled my funnel in comfort.


86 5kcdtq