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RE: T Shirts

Did I miss out or just forget?  What happened to the Audifest T shirts?

It just so happens, I dropped everything off at the NEW printer on wednesday
(the last one flaked out on me).  Now that I am back from that 2.5 week
wedding and honeymoon, I am back in the saddle!  I need to put down a $500
deposit before they will start making the shirts, so I was going to send out
an email tomarrow asking for everyone's money (the ball is really rolling this
time!).  Since I have to send an email to everyone individually quoting them
their order and the final cost, I was going to do it this weekend when I have
some time to send out 50 separte emails.

So, expect to hear from me in a day or 2 with your order, cost, and a request
that you send me a check.  Once the print shop has my deposit, it will take
2-3 weeks to make the shirts.


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