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Re: PIR Track Event Report

In message <36558735.619B83EC@teleport.com> "Gary G. Erickson" writes:

> John had been kind enough to let me drive the ur-q at a prior track
> event (when it still had the K26), and I came away rather non-plussed
> with the ur-q.  Fun car, but not nearly as responsive as I would have
> liked.
> I had the opportunity to drive it again on Saturday with it's new K24,
> and I can only echo John's sentiment about how it really changes the
> character of the car.  I would highly recommend it for anybody who
> doesn't have the guts and/or resource to do an MC transplant.

In essence building an MB ur-quattro.  It's very noticeable how the
MBs and RRs tend to pull away from the WRs when we leave club events.

 Phil Payne
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