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5kt subframe/control arm bushings replacement?

From: "Frank J. Bauer" <frankbauer@thevine.net>
>At 01:56 PM 11/19/98 -0500, Andrew Duane USG wrote:
>>Hairy green toads from Mars made Eugene Sokolovski say:

>>> "I am going to need new subframe and control arm bushings n my 5kt

>>> Is it possible to do it yourself without press or I'd better pay
somebody to do it?
>>Pay somebody.
>>When I did my '89 100Q a coupld of years back, he had a HELL of
>>a time getting some of them out and back in. Money well spent.

>if i were doing it again, i would have baught my own press from
>harbor-freight tools and spent a week or two finding/fabricating tools to
>do the press work.
>i probably could have done that for about $15/hole.

I replaced the wishbone (A-arm) bushes in my 80q a couple of years ago and
bent a 1 ton vice in the process.  I have since bought a 10 ton press
(GBP200) so that it will be easier next time.  At GBP10 a bush, I should
have made back most of the money over the next couple of years.