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another ? on v6 belts

	While everyone is talking about belts, I have to change cv joints on my A4,
nice since it started happening right after dealers warranty ended, now at
58,000( Thanks Audi gods!).  While it will be down for the day, I thought
about changing both belts while it was down. Reading through the warranty
book, it mentions doing this at 90,000 miles.  That goes against everything I
ever was taught. 
	My biggest reason for asking is that I can only go home( access to a shop and
tools for free), on holidays or between school quarters.  I am really worried
though about the belt problem since my car has an inteference engine.  Also
have not found a manual for the v6(1996).  Any help out there or any info
about special things needed when taking the belts loose is greatly
appreciated.  I have a lot of experience in the engine field, but that was
with Vw's( Scirrocco and cabriolet), a nissan a maxima, a jeep, and a volvo.
have exp but no manual, and that is scarry.
thanks in advance and sorry for the long post