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Hello All,

Question: Is there anything detrimental about driving around with your WGVF 
unplugged? I mean, besides driving around with a 3,800 lb vehicle and about 
125 bhp?

The reason I ask is I have dropped my S4 off for snow tires, and Paintless 
Dent Repair recently and I unplugged the electrical connector for the valve.

Why? With the valve unplugged I get 6 psig of boost max (as opposed to 30 
psig) and it makes for a very slow ride (thing can't even get out of its own 
way) and accordingly a great "Valet Mode," if you get my drift? I figured I 
didn't want the tire / pdr guys hot-rodding my car around.

6 psig is the baseline set by the stock WG spring, WG only closes enough to 
provide 6 psig, the turbo is not working very hard at all. No harm, no foul? 
Or is the computer sensing something wrong and trying to add boost and or 
fuel , etc?