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RE: Sport Quattros

... well, here in the USA the generally bandied about number is US$60K ...
but when you are talking about cars like these it really depends on how much
the buyer is willing to pay and how much the seller is willing to take ...
there probably aren't that many people _really_ wanting to do either.  There
are a couple listed at the "Special Cars Journal" site (URLs below) but I've
seen them listed there for probably much more than a year and they may be no
longer available.  You might want to contact them to see if the car is sold,
and how much they went for ...

When it comes to factory new cars, I would eexpect they would be worth
considerably more than the "production" cars, but then I'd expect Audi would
be wanting quite a bit for them as well (i.e. a lot more than the people who
bought the production cars paid) ...

... given what you already have Jouko, does it really matter how much it's
worth?  Would you ever expect to sell it?  I guess you might need the
numbers to convince your banker though ... ;-)

Steve [green with envy] Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> ----------
> Anybody out there have ideas of present day values of Sport Quattros?  I
> know roughly what the asking prices are, but what prices do they trade
> owners at?  I'm thinking of adding one to our newly opened Audi showroom
> (not to mention my personal collection) and I have a few possibilities.