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Euros for Coupe GT - how rare?

Hi all:

Was coming back from a meeting and passed a couple of cars in a locked up,
apparently abandoned car lot w/forsale sign on chainlink fence.  One of the
two cars remaining was a blue Coupe GT with an aftermarket front spoiler
and what appeared to be euro lights.  Stopped and took a good look, well,
as good as I could from 25 ft. away.  I'm not super familiar with the Coupe
GT's, but they didn't look like the std. DOT garbage.

How rare are these euro lights for CGT's?  Rest of car was unremarkable,
obvious repaint and had crappy non-Audi stamped steel wheels on it.

Car is in Griffin, Georgia, will be back in that area in two weeks if
anyone's interested.  Wish it woulda been a 5KT w/euros...

-Steve Jensen