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Fixing Horn in Steering Wheel w/Airbag.

Does anyone know off hand, what steps are necessary to gain access to
the center hub on the steering wheel of a 1990 Audi with Airbag.   I
just recently purchased the car and am trying to troubleshoot the horn.
I suspect the horn switch or brushes in the steering wheel are
defective.  I am trying to remove the center "ringed" cover
on the steering wheel without "setting" off the airbag.  I plan on
removing the battery strap during this process but was wondering if
there are any other pointers or precautions I should take.  As near as I
can tell, you just unsnap the center cover by pulling it straight up
towards you.  This should reveal the hub and wiring on the steering
wheel - right?

Any information that anyone could share would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!