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Re: Air Mass Sensor, '91 200 20V TQ

> Would like to confirm that the air mass sensor Bosch P/N 0280213007  at $360
> new from most  auto parts distributors is in fact the same and complete as
> the Audi P/N 034133471K at $667 new from Audi. That is a big price
> difference, even though at no surprise Audi is higher.  Does any person out
> there have a used one for a reasonable price?  Does any one service or
> repair these?  (The wires inside the venturi are ok and check continuity.)
> I would appreciate any help.  Thanks in advance.
> 					Bob

I've actually opened one up, and it's not nearly as simple as it looks. 
Under the plastic cover is a whole mess of very odd looking electronics, 
all sealed under a jelly.  There is a second set of electronics hidden 
underneath that layer, closer to the MAF support.  The whole assembly is 
impossible to disassemble without destroying at least a few of the above 

$360 sounds very steep.  I think I heard $260 or so for one recently. 
Check around some more.  Sounds like you're still being taken for a ride.

Brett Dikeman
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