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PS pump check valves removal problem

Phil Rose <pjrose@servtech.com> wrote:

My PS pump rebuild went smoothly 'till I tried to replace the little
o-rings for the two small check valves. Neither of these valves will
and I have a twisted and broken hex-key socket to prove it--even though
tightening torque for these valves wasn't supposed to be very high. Is
removing these valves usually such a problem? What am I missing here?

There didn't seem to be leakage at those valves, but I wanted to replace
the o-rings to be on the safe side. Now looks like they'll just have to
stay put.

Naah, I always use a 3/8" hand impact driver w/5mm Allen socket. Just
whack it with a BFG* - piece of cake.

*BFG (TM) - Big hmmm...Fixing? Hammer.

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros