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for sale?

I have a 1990 quattro coupe that the insurance copany is trying to total.
I wanted to know if anyone was interested in buying the whole car for a
parts car?
The only thing wrong with it is it needs a front left fender, a bumbper,
the engine silenceer (plastic cover for the bottom of the engine), and the
tail gait has some scratches in it, due to the barbed wire fence. Oh, and
the left rear tail light has a couple holes in it the size of a rice
crispies.   The engine is perectly sound, except for the power steering
rackis making a groan.  T/D belts, water pump, brake accumulator done 500
miles ago (to make sure the car would make it on the trip to vegas, but it
didn!).  All you need is  front fender, a bumper, and some work on the
right door, and some painting, and sanding on the tail gate, and you have
yourself a perfect quattro coupe! red/ black int. 130,000 miles.  If
anyone is interested in this car, make me an offer, and Ill talk to the
insurance company. 

brused but not beaten 1990 quattro coupe
hopefully getting mommy's 1990 V8 as a replacement