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Subject: Brakes

Mark Rutherford wrote:


Have a weird brake problem.  I thought a new bomb would fix the problem but

no luck.


Bought the car about 1 year ago.  It had a bad power steering fluid leak

from the rack that the PO was keeping it filled with regular power steering

fluid.  At this time the brakes were not to bad and the steering was fine.

I continued to use regular fluid until I could round up parts.  During this

time the brakes became increasingly worse.  Got the parts together about 3

months ago.  Before replacing any thing I started using pentosin, let about

2 liters run through the system.  First I replaced the rack at which time I

removed as much fluid as I possibly could, and refilled the system with

pentosin.  This fixed the leak, but the brakes were still bad and the

steering was still difficult to turn some times(low system pressure caused

by regular power steering  fluid).  About 2 months after that I replaced the

pump.  Removed as much fluid as I could.  This fixed the steering problem

but not the brake problem.  Today I replaced the bomb in hopes that it would

fix the brakes, no change in the brakes though.  The only part left in the

system is the master cylinder, could this be the problem.  Any suggestions

would be greatly appreciated.

You didn't indicate which car/year/engine, or what the brake problem is.
Assuming the type 44 turbo (5000/200) and others...
master cylinder is boosted by the servo (run off the same hydraulic system as
the steering pump/rack).  Top return line to the pentosin reservoir leads back
to the servo.  Run the engine, out of gear, parking brake on, in park if
automatic.  Shut off the engine after about 5 minutes.  With the system under

remove the hose that returns 'spent' hydraulic oil to the very top of

the reservoir.  If it's still dripping after three or four minutes -

the servo is leaking.  Really shouldn't be dripping; spec says a couple
drips/minute is ok.
Don't overlook sticking calipers, old flexible brake hoses, air in the brake
system, etc.
hth, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller@aol.com